"Gringo" The Dark Comedy that Someone Asked for ?

By Aaron Gomez 


Gringo is a film about drugs, deception, kidnapping, and The Beatles. The film stars a David Oyelowo (Selma), Joel Edgerton (It Comes at Night) and Charlize Theron (Monster). We meet Harold (Oyelowo) a man who nobody respects, not even his wife who’s draining him both financially and emotionally.  He’s a member of middle management for a parasitical company on the leading edge of a new medical marijuana pill. Richard and Elaine (Edgerton and Tharon) are his bosses and there is a problem down in their factory in Mexico, and Harold is the middleman between them. While Harold has made friends with those who work there, the other two have never set foot inside. They find out that the factory has been giving some of their inventory to a local drug lord; Richard and Elaine are total assess and tell the boss to just stop doing it no matter if he gets killed.


The three sit down to dinner back at their hotel and Richard and Elaine are bad talking Harold while he is away. Back in his hotel room, he talks to his wife over Skype and he tells her about how bad of a day he’s had and can't wait to get home. Feeling as if there is nothing to live for, he leaves the hotel and moves to a seedier motel to hide out until he can put his plan into action. Richard and Elaine and up leaving him behind. The next day at the office they get a call from Harold saying that he has been taken and the drug lord wants $5,000,000 for his safe return.

This movie had its definite funny moments, don’t get me wrong, but one thing that will always bother me in movies is unnecessary plot lines. For example, Amada Seyfried (Mamma Mia) and Herry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful) play a couple who are also visiting Mexico but unknown to Sunny (Seyfried), her boyfriend Miles (Treadway) is there to smuggle the new marijuana pill back into the States. They sometimes bump into Harold a few times but their reason for being there is never really fleshed out; I think I know what the purpose was but I’ll let you find out for your self.

All-in-all Gringo is a solid movie; comedy is hard to do, dark comedy even harder. This film is a solid 7/10; with my Movie Pass, it was not hard for me to go see it but I would definitely recommend it for a great day-off matinee movie.