Sharing the Spotlight

By Daniel LaRue StJohn


I read an article this past week that brought up an interesting point regarding movies these days and their soundtrack. When someone asks you to sing something from Star Wars or Harry Potter, you could do it without the slightest hesitation; when someone asks you to sing an anthem from Iron Man, or Crimson Tide, or Interstellar you would need a minute, or a few, or you may not even be able to at all. Why is that? Why do some movies stand out more than others? Has the importance for a solid soundtrack gone by the wayside? Or have we become less aware?


Crimson Tide 2.jpg

The soundtrack is a staple to keep the movie going, to lead into anticipation, and to create a wide array of feelings. So why can’t we remember them? They are just as important as the storyline. They need to have more attention given to them despite being a background instrument. With the given tool to listen to music, I recommend giving them at least one listen to in order to get the FULL experience of the movie.

Every artist deserves to have their work showcased and be at the forefront, give them the opportunity to get the recognition they worked so hard for. You will not regret giving this a chance.

Share some of your favorites, both movies and newfound soundtracks.