Keep the Faith

By Thomas Massaquoi


Let’s keep it honest. Most are tired of seeing the same thing online, in the news and on our devices. In the current state of America it’s easy to be cynical. It’s easy to be extremely critical. It’s easy to seek out the negative over the positive. I’m offering an alternative as a creative. Keep the faith and escape in the arts. Allow mediums like film to set your imagination free. It’s simple. Art for many has been used as a source of entertainment or inspiration. Film for over 100 years has offered moments of joy, happiness, terror, peace and relatable content through its various genres and now distributed platforms. No longer confined to just the cinema, you can now watch films from home, in travel and on the go. We have unlimited access to film and content with inventions like the Internet. So why keep the faith?


As children we frequently let our minds wander and absorb information but as we get older others’ “reality” and their ideals are forced on us to be “normal”. What is normal? Who decides? I say keep the faith in the arts and filmmaking. Allow those that want to tell stories to continue without fear of being told their ideas are dumb or unconventional to the current narrative. It’s often the place of artists to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. Some of our modern day norms derive from the minds of filmmakers. Art has a way of making our thoughts and ideas a reality. We should continue to champion for this individuality.

Keeping the faith in film is more of a reminder than call to action. A reminder to appreciate those moments and memories made in front of the screen. A reminder to encourage, protect and trust the next generation’s ideas. Creatives do not be afraid to create or tell stories we’ve never heard, and audiences dare to be receptive of something new and unconventional. Not saying to lower anyone’s standards but open them. Have faith.