Love, Relationships and Film – The Reality

By Thomas Massaquoi

Most envision meeting their significant other or cool friend that will change their lives like most of our beloved characters in film. The truth is in most instances that is not the case. Not saying you won’t meet the love of your life in an urban coffee shop or mom and pop bookstore during the fall or winter; it is possible you could meet your best friend in detention or after a messy fight that leaves you seeking a shoulder to lean on. As an artist I know life does imitate art. I believe most stories we see in film about love and relationships have occurred to someone just not everyone. Most seek that passionate or dope love they hear or witness. To engage that space of existence however a few steps need to be taken.

      For starters don’t be complacent with your current life. You will never experience new and exciting moments, memories and people keeping the same routine. Surround yourself with people that challenge you. If you have not found them yet, it’s ok. Get off your ass, though, and start putting yourself in spaces you will meet dope and passionate people. In most to all cases passionate and dope people have a way of finding and associating with each other. Real recognizes real. If this type of person is in your life they will likely expose and introduce you to similar individuals.  Also, get off dating apps and social media (as much as you currently do). Engage the world around you. You will discover people have more going on than meets the surface.

Hollywood and film for decades have influenced how we love and engage each other. For better or worse, we have to take ownership for our own lives. If any of those situations that capture our imagination have truly occurred for people, it didn’t occur to those sitting idle. Continue your personal growth. Continue challenging yourself becoming the best version possible. Life can imitate art. Not at all the time but sometimes. Are you going to be among the few to experience this?


Make dope moves friends.