At Horace and Pete's

I first heard about Horace and Pete by listening to WTF with Marc Maron while on a road trip from LA to Dallas. At a glance you could assume that this show was just another sad-boy story told by Louis CK; however, what if I told you that it would be, but that there would be no rules? Louie created, directed, wrote, starred and financed it all by himself with a brilliant cast.  

Louie plays Horace a middle-aged divorced man who runs a bar that has been in his family for over 100 years in Brooklyn, New York with his brother Pete (Steve Buscemi). Pete is troubled with mental illness, and Horace listens more than he speaks. Alan Alda plays Uncle Pete, who was originally written for Joe Pesci, and Alda steals every scene that he is in. Edie Falco plays Horace's sister Sylvia, who goes through breast cancer during the show.

The 10 episode series intrigued me with its style, its drama, and it’s comedy. The third episode is basically 50 minutes of  Horace listening to his ex-wife(Laurie Metcalf) talk about her current husband's father, and at the end, Uncle Pete walks in and says, “I can’t believe you married that dumb cunt.”  The series has mental illness, cancer, abuse and an honest look at what being in a fucked up family is really like. Comedy isn’t the strongest part of this series, but it very meticulously walks the tightrope between shitstorm and ultra shitstorm. I highly recommend this series to everyone, and you can find it on Hulu.