"Films That Hit Too Close to Home"

 Films That Hit Too Close to Home

By: Thomas A. Massaquoi

Since I was a kid I have been a fan of cinema and the arts. That said there was a moment in my life that art imitated real life or I felt a kindred connection to the characters in the following film for one reason or another.  From the age of 16-25, these films defined my youth.  If you have time feel free to check them out if you haven’t already.

Garden State (2004) - Andrew was me at one point or another. I had to revisit my past in order to gain a better understanding of my present. Eventually years later I finally figured things out.

Love Actually (2003) – One of my favorite films that tell a story of various strangers in different stages of love. At the time I was meeting new people and beginning to faze myself into a new chapter of my life it was beautiful, frustrating and tragic all at the same time.

Alfie (2004) – I was in love in 2007 and unfortunately all of our lives mirrored the characters in Alfie. When I was in darkest moments of this era it made me feel as if I was alone. It may not have done as well as the 1966 original starring Michael Caine but it was still good.

Closer (2004) – The most intense scene in the film is when Anna and Larry finally confront the truth of their relationship in their apartment. I remember having a similar conversation during this era of my life. The film was based on a stage play but the film isn’t only what pulled me in. The soundtrack also fit well of the norms of my life at the time. Closer is the film I think most can relate too if they have ever been a tragic relationship. 

I know most of these films deal with love but who wasn’t in love young? What are your films that hit too close to home?