"A Serbian Article"


A Serbian Article.

By: Brandon Karlis


*No children were ass-raped in the writing of this article*

I feel I should start this film review off by saying that watching this film was not my idea, and I only had knowledge of how the film ended as a reference for all that came beforehand. This being said only a handful of films have left me staring at the end credits asking myself, “What the fuck did I just watch?” Believe it or not, A Serbian Film had some very real moments and some above average cinematography. I can’t hate the film based off of the production value even though the soundtrack was obviously was made on a low budget.


It’s hard for me to hate this film. The main character, Milos, is a former pornstar who has a little boy, and an extraordinarily hot wife. He is called an artist throughout the film by the choral characters, but he like most is merely a drunk with a weird skill set. I don’t know how he drinks Jack Daniels, but to each his own I guess…. 


Milos gets involved with a man named Vukmir, who looks like your everyday Russian scumbag; however, I think it’s safe to assume that most rich Russians look like Dominic Cooper from The Devil’s Double. Anyways, Vukmir offers Milos a lot of money to be a part of an ultra realistic arthouse flick. Milos for whatever reason doesn’t turn down the offer and then throughout the film, the scenes get more and more fucked up.


Very few times in my life has a movie started off with a sex scene leaving me afraid for what was to come. Ha, no pun intended. They pull out from the intro sex scene to reveal Milos son, Peter watching his own father have sex in a softcore flick on a small TV. You know, like one of those old Tv’s that if you had bunny ears you could turn to channel 99 and get the outlines of people fucking on the playboy channel back in the day.


Where Milos character is revealed to me as being redeemable has to be when his wife turns on a porn he is in while they’re in bed. She asks him why he doesn’t fuck her like he fucks the women on screen, and he explains that he is just fucking them implying that to him, there is a difference between fucking and making love.


I didn’t care for Milos’s friend Marko because he looks at Marjia in a weird way before excusing himself to beat off in the restroom. *Cough cough* foreshadowing. Following the scene described, Plot-wise - there is a running scene leading to sex scene after sex scene. The scenes escalate until the end, and a few of them feature a fake rubber penis.


I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that a majority of the film is very cringy. A Serbian Film is definitely not a film you’d want to watch with your priest or grandmother. I fucked up a bit when I watched it with a woman whom I had never met. I sat there the whole time hoping that this person didn’t think I was some kind of psychopath, but yet again….. I digress.


Overall, I’d watch the first half of this movie if I were fourteen, had just discovered my dick, and was into hitting women. The second half is for the birds, but holy shit what a roller coaster of awful feelings. I felt for the main character at the end, and I felt bad for him for most of the movie. If there is anything to be said about A Serbian Film it is that the acting was above par and that the story was made to fuck you up mentally.


I give it a 6 out of 10 based on originality of the story, the characters, and the cinematography. I wouldn’t even be writing this if I had to base my assessment on content and fuck you Aaron for telling me about this movie.