Sounds from the Attic

Review for “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”

By: Zeke Arredondo


Horror movies can induce many emotions to the audience that watches them. Some people feel scared, shocked, even disgusted. But have you ever watched a horror film that makes you feel utterly creeped out to the point of being uncomfortable? That is what I felt sitting down for the hour and half that is “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”.

This movie didn’t have to try so hard. The main setting is a morgue and only consists of two main characters; a veteran mortician and his protégé son. Emile Hirsh and Brian Cox fill out these roles nicely, but it's not until Jane Doe herself, played brilliantly by Ophelia Lovibond, that things set in motion. When I say played brilliantly, I mean Lovibond’s talent in playing a corpse. This movie did not use a dummy for the corpse of Jane Doe, instead it relied heavily on the acting chops of Lovibond. It paid off in the end. As the audience, I was in the room with the characters as they tried to figure out the mystery of Jane Doe. I began to feel uncomfortable as they slowly realized strange things were starting to happen as they “dug” deeper into the lifeless body that lay before them. At some point I almost wanted to excuse myself and tell these characters I’ll see them in the morning.

This movie gets creepier and creepier and just leaves you wanting more. “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” was a sleeper horror hit from 2016 and I hope the director, Andre Ovredal (who directed the underrated “Trollhunter”) makes a prequel or sequel. Anything that reveals more info on Jane Doe herself I give this autopsy two severed thumbs up.