Brandon’s Top Ten TV Shows...PLUS an Inside Scoop

Brandon’s Top Ten TV Shows...PLUS an Inside Scoop

By Brandon Karlis

I will always be the first to tell you that lists are like assholes, opinions, and excuses…everyone’s got ‘em and they’re all shitty. If you’re expecting me to take you through a list of dramatic television series just to lead you Breaking Bad being #1 then I suggest you hit the little “X,” in the top right corner, or exit this browser completely. If you want to read a list where the writer gets on his or her knees to blow Breaking Bad then I suggest you read a shit article on 


I don’t know if they changed my headline throughout the editing process, but if they did *burp* I’ve got uh… some pretty juicy Rick and Morty news at the bottom. So as a courtesy to you, dear reader, I will tell you just to scroll down to the bottom. This list IS in order, and you’re more than welcome to disagree with me; however, you’re wrong and I hate you.


10.            Westworld - This show was by far my favorite new show in 2016. Adapted by Jonathan Nolan, you know Christopher Nolan’s brother and Lisa Joy. The show is based on a movie Westworld from 1973. Anthony Hopkins kills it acting wise, and I’m really interested to see what they’re going to do in the second season. From what I’ve read it looks like the theme of the second season is going to be chaos.


9.            The Sopranos - This great show is pretty far back on my list, but for very solid reasons. 1) The show had a terrible ending due to the writers strike. 2) James Gandolfini died before they could make the movie. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite shows ever. The Sopranos follows mob capo Tony Soprano as he does mob shit. The show has great balance in the way they humanize this character through his sessions with his therapist.


8.            How I Met Your Mother/Friends- I combined these two because they’re basically the same show. A group of friends living in New York, trying to find love, etc.… I can’t tell you which one I like more, but I do like Barney over Joey. Other than that, I liked the cast from Friends more. Oh, shit. Nah I love Marshall from How I met Your Mother too. This is hard. Either way, I suggest you watch both of them and tell me which one you like more.


7.            SNL - This is the show that has gotten so much better since the Trumpster has taken office. This is the show that gave; Ferrell, Belushi, Farley, Fey, Radner, Murray, Hader, Sandler, Fallon, Carvey, Myers, Poehler, and much more their start in comedy. I suggest going back and watching all of them but know about the current events of the time so that way you don’t miss out on the satire.



6. Cheers -  “Norm!” No, seriously. Cheers is one of my favorites because I often drink alone, and with Cheers, I don’t feel like I’m ever drinking alone. I love how the whole show takes place in a bar, and I love the dialogue in every sense of the word. Spoiler alert, apparently from what I have been reading about this Shelley Long was like that in real life, which I bet got really fucking annoying. I thought it was kinda weird how when Coach died on the show that he died in real life not long afterward.


5.            Scooby Doo! - First of all, if you don’t love this all-American classic cartoon then there’s gotta be something terribly broken with your soul. Scooby Doo! follows four teenagers plus Shaggy’s dog, Scooby, as they unmask the evil villains of Ghoulsville.



4. M.A.S.H - The theme song has been my ringtone for as long as I can remember. M.A.S.H follows a group of doctors during the Korean War. What makes this show different for me are the character names. Hawkeye, and Radar. Hawkeye is the main character who has a gin still set up in his tent, which is very dangerous. I guess it was a good thing that his character was a doctor, right? The dialogue between Hawkeye and Rodgers is very fast pace most of the time, and the hijinks they played back then are still funny today.


3.  Entourage - Entourage follows the career of Vincent Chase, a Hollywood actor who becomes popular after being in the highest grossing movie of all time, “Aquaman”The show is mostly about the exploits of Vince and his crew, E, Turtle, and his brother Johnny Drama, as well as his agent, Ari Gold, as they enjoy the ride through stardom. This was the show that made me want to move to Hollywood. Now that I’m here I realize that Hollywood isn’t like it is in the show, but then again I’m not important, so maybe it is and I’m just not allowed in.

2. Californication - Hank Moody, my spirit animal. Californication follows a writer from New York who relocated to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Karen, and their daughter Becca after adapting his own book “God Hates Us All” into a screenplay. The best way to describe David Duchovny’s character would be to call him the male equivalent of a stripper with a heart of gold. He had it all, a family and a cool career, but he loses it and is always trying to get it back. The show is awesome if you dig shows where the main character is an anti-hero.


1.            Rick and Morty *NEWS* - Rick and Morty is on the top of my list this time, but not because they’re my favorite. Okay, I lied I’ve watched seasons one and two at least 10 times a piece. Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim cartoon that follows a genius and very drunk scientist, Rick, and his not so brilliant very sober grandson, Morty. So what’s the news you might ask? Well, I have a source on the inside, who will not be named. He tells me that we’re looking at a July release of SEASON 3!!! I honestly am okay with this, and I’m happy that Cartoon Network and the creators of Rick and Morty weren’t in such a hurry to put something out that they ended up making something shitty. I hope it’s not *burp* shitty.


“Annnnd that’s the wayyyyyyyyy, the news goes.”