Perspective: Screen Writing

By: Thomas Massaquoi

I’ve been writing since the age of 8 or 9. As I progressed in my writing I began to write screenplays around the age of 16. Now in my early thirties, I’ve completed over 40 short and 5-7 full-length scripts. Being a writer especially for film work isn’t easy. Often you are telling a story that will eventually involve many players. The goal is to keep your story authentic to whatever genre you are writing for.

My process starts with creating an outline followed by a title. I believe it’s important to name my story in the beginning it sets the tone for the rest of my creative process. Many of my stories are inspired by real life situations myself or friends have encountered. My aim is to tell the most authentic and real story without doing “reality” or documentary style portrayals. The reality of screen writing many of the stories you write will likely never be made into a film due to many factors. Still, a writer should still continue to create and develop stories. Originality can often get you far as well the ability to adapt other mediums of work for film. As I prep my shorts for 2019 film festival season the collaborative process is at an all-time high and so are my nerves. Many road and creative blocks hit me personally before I was able to get in the space that my projects are either in pre-production, production, post-production or fully completed. I believe for most writers the process of completing a project you worked hard towards bringing to life is one of the most rewarding feelings. 

The goal of sharing this short perspective from a writer’s view is to give film lovers insight into one of many writers creative process. Without writers in film there is no film. In this platform the goal is to encourage current or potential screenwriters to continue creating and developing stories. Next time you view a film follow the story or maybe read the screenplay to your favorite film. Continue cultivating.