Top 5 Christmas Horror Movie List… That I have seen… Haven’t seen many…

By Zeke Arredondo 

Christmas is a time for happy holiday movies where the whole family comes down to stay together and funny shenanigans occur and in the end they realize family is everything and they love each other even more. But if you haven’t been able to get over the passing of Halloween or love horror movies just as much as I do, then you are in luck for I have compiled my personal top 5 Christmas horror movie list that I have seen. I haven’t seen many…


Jack Frost.png

5. Jack Frost

So the plot is a little ridiculous. And please don’t get this one confused with the Michael Keaton movie full of love where a dad dies and come back as a snowman to play with his kids. Although it’s kinda similar. In this version, Jack Frost is a serial killer that was sent to be executed but a freak accident turned him into a snowman. Armed with snowman-like powers like snowballs and a sharp carrot nose (that he uses in an NSFW manner) he sets out to get revenge on the person who sent him to his execution. Lots of laughs and kills and was that Shannon Elizabeth?! Definitely, watch this one with some friends and some cold ones.


Silent Night.png

4. Silent Night, Deadly Night

What’s scarier than a killer Santa? How about one who as a kid lost his parents, went to an orphanage, and was beaten and abused by a nun calling herself Mother Superior. Which is what sends Billy on a murderous rampage killing anyone that gets in his way in Silent Night, Deadly Night. This movie has some great death scenes and the remake wasn’t half bad. It’s pretty much a must see this holiday season!


Black X.png

3. Black Christmas

What could possibly ruin a Christmas party for a bunch of sorority girls partying down? How about a stalker that is killing them off one by one. Not to mention a ton of drama that comes along with being a girl in college in a sorority. You know, tests, and stalkers and dead bodies. Black Christmas is a classic that I say is a must own for your Christmas collection. The remake is also pretty good and even pushes the horror element for some gruesome outcomes.



2. Krampus

The first I ever heard of Krampus was on an episode of The Office. I never thought that Hollywood could make a movie about the evil version of Saint Nick. But it did and it was amazing. With an amazing comedic cast for this horror movie, Krampus was not only scary, it was fun. A boy is having a bad Christmas and ends up unleashing the holiday demon upon his family. Now this dysfunctional extended family must team up and fight for survival until dawn arrives. With Adam Scott and David Koechner, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time!



1. Gremlins

If your dad comes home and gives you a pet of any kind that he got from a voodoo witch magical man and tells to follow three strict rules or there will trouble, you follow them right? Or give it back? In Gremlins, which is my favorite Christmas horror movie, Billy receives a Gremlin named Gizmo who is adorable. Along with Gizmo are three important rules: Bright light kills them, don’t get them wet, and don’t feed them after midnight. Well Billy ends up breaking all these rules which results in a horde of Gremlins wreaking havoc in his quiet sleepy town. Directed by Joe Dante (The Howling) this movie should be watched every Christmas as is tradition in my household.