One Month with MoviePass

By Aaron Gomez

 Movies that I saw in the month of September

Movies that I saw in the month of September

Last month I wrote an article about an awesome new subscription service called Movie Pass.  The subscription gets you a movie a day for only 10 dollars a month with the only catch being that your movie going data is used for target advertising. Not a bad deal in my book! After all, Google and FaceBook have been doing this for years. After using Movie Pass for one month I think I have a pretty good grasp on the ends and outs, and I’m here to tell you the pros and cons using Movie Pass.    

Let me start out by saying that I saw 8 movies in the month of September; movies that would normally cost at least 10 bucks a pop. So even if you only see one or two movies a month you have more then paid for it. As for the theaters that you can use it in, movie pass covers 91% of all theaters in the US, so don’t count the little mom and pop theaters that exist out there. When you are looking at tickets, Studio Movie Grill offers the service to reserve your ticket from anywhere and gives you a confirmation number right away so that you can pick it up when you get there.

Some of the things that bother me about Movie Pass are in a majority of theaters you must be within 100 yards to reserve your ticket. The ones that you use their designated debit card created a problem for me when I wanted to go see a movie later on in the day with some friends. So I had to drive to that theater earlier in the day to not run the risk of it getting sold out. The biggest inconvenience is how long it took to get my debit card in the mail. The app could use a little work too, it’s a little slow and buggy for my taste and you can only look at show times for that day - meaning you can’ t pre-order your tickets for that midnight premiere that you don’t want to sell out. 

 Movie theaters in DFW that except MoviePass

Movie theaters in DFW that except MoviePass

So needless to say, as it is with everything, there are pros and cons. However with Movie Pass the pros definitely outweigh the cons. With the convenience of the price I’ve gotten to the point that I go see at least a movie a week. I’m pretty sure if I had more time I could see more. So if you are a movie buff, or just want an excuse to see more movies, Movie Pass is great for you.

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1.    Works at 91% of all theaters in the US

2.    Pays for itself in one ticket.

3.    E-Ticket based theaters you can get your tickets in advances from anywhere.    


1.    Some theaters you must be within 100 yards of the theater to reserve your ticket.

2.    The current app is a little garbage.

3.    Takes a while to get your debit card in the mail.