Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th! Today is either one of the best or worst days of the year, depending on how you see it. Today is also the release day of the Friday the 13th game which is already in the mail as I type this! To celebrate I came up with a list of what I believe are to be the top 5 unluckiest characters in TV shows. Let us begin!




5.                  Wile E. Coyote has had his ups and downs, literally, when dealing with trying to catch that roadrunner. No matter how many ACME products he uses, they all tend to break or hurt him in some way. Although he never catches the roadrunner, he at least always bounces back from all injuries.




4.                  One of the most popular characters on South Park is constantly being killed off in every episode. It can be part of the plot or just happen in the background. But like the Coyote, he always bounces back and is ready to go by the next episode. Later on, in South Park we find out he doesn’t remember when he dies and eventually even becomes a superhero.




3.                  Ted from Scrubs has it rough. Not only does his boss treat him like dirt, but he is constantly joking about ending it all and everyone around him shrugs it off. The only thing that keeps him going is knowing he is going to die someday, and his acapella group. By the end of the show he does get a girlfriend so there’s that.




2.                  Al Bundy has got to be part of the most dysfunctional family in television history, and is the unluckiest member within that group. He is a shoe salesman at a mall earning scraps, while his wife takes it all and forces him to have “relations” with her. His neighbor is a super feminist that belittles him and he is constantly failing at life. Even when he thinks he has the upper hand, in the end he always ends up losing and hating his life more. Which makes the show hilarious!




1.              Which brings me to this guy, and if you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia you know who this character is. Cricket has got to be a character who has fallen the hardest in sitcom history. I mean the guy started on the show as a Priest! After deciding to sacrifice his priesthood to get with Dee, he ends being hunted, burnt, homeless and selling his body for drugs. And that’s not all. This character should be dead. But even death would be a stroke of luck for Cricket!



I may have missed a lot more characters, but I feel like I would never trade places with any of these. So today be sure to avoid any black cats, ladders, broken mirrors and make sure you don’t spill the salt. Happy Friday the 13th!