10 Netflix Series to Watch

Time and time again I scroll down my newsfeed, seeing someone ask the world what they should binge watch next on Netflix. They’re usually in a relationship, or single, they always have a pulse, and they have time to spare. There’s a problem with this though.  There are so many different streaming services, and there is so much content that it gets to be a little overwhelming. I know. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Based off of my knowledge I’m going to attempt over a series of lists to help you weed out the weaker shows and, hopefully, turn you on to a show that you might not have seen otherwise.

Depending on what your individual entertainment tastes are, these ten titles may not be for you. The list is numbered, but is not in any particular order.  My only suggestion is that you watch at least the first episode before deciding on its fate.

1. Legends - Legends stars Sean Bean as Martin Odum, an undercover FBI agent. If you like your average run-of-the-mill crime drama then you’ll probably love this show. Bean’s accents are sometimes spotty, but his overall acting is worthwhile. This show is worth a chance for a couple of reasons. The first being that Bean doesn’t die at the end of the first season! The second reason is that Morris Chestnut steals the show acting wise. Legends was originally a TNT series, but was canceled after the second season.


2. Travelers - Is about a group of people from the future who take over the consciousness of various people in the present moments before their death. Their goal is to save us from ourselves and a future of dismay. The show has a 24 vibe, and it’s great to see Eric McCormack on screen again.


3. The OA - A woman returns home to her parents, after being abducted, to recruit five people for a secret task. This is a supernatural/drama hybrid that I would place in between Stranger Things and Sens8. The plot is dense yet fun because it always keeps you guessing.  


4. Peaky Blinders - Peaky Blinders follows a brutal post-WWI street gang in England. Thomas Shelby, alongside his two brothers, run illegal gambling rings in the Gypsy-occupied slums of England. When you add other rival gangs to the mix, chaos and war ensues. The show was originally produced by BBC before Netflix bought it just before the release of Season 2. This show is gritty. Cillian Murphy plays Thomas Shelby the leader of the the notorious street gang, The Peaky Blinders. Tom Hardy also makes appearances every now and again as a Jewish Mobster named Alfie Solomons.

5. Series of Unfortunate Events - This is the only show I have ever watched where I was constantly told to look away, for the tragedy was lurking around the corner. I liked that for some reason, but maybe I’m just a tad rebellious. There are many good things being said about this show right now with it’s release being in the past week, and those assessments are accurate. The acting caliber of, not only Neil Patrick Harris, but of the entire cast is to be desired. Lewis Hynes and Malina Weissman both deliver believable performances with their takes on Klaus and Violet Baudelaire. Patrick Warburton knocks it out of the park with his dry portrayal of Lemony Snicket. In my opinion, Alfre Woodard steals the show with her portrayal of paranoid Aunt Josephine.  


6. BoJack Horseman - Will Arnett voices Bo Jack, a horseman who was a popular tv sitcom star in the 90’s, and is a terrible person. The series follows Bojack as he tries to find himself after being out of the tv spotlight. It kind of reminds me of a somewhat true life parody of Bob Saget.  

7. House of Cards - If you haven’t seen an episode of this show, then I have no idea where you’ve been for the past three and a half years. Kevin Spacey plays Congressman Francis Underwood. Underwood is hellbent on becoming the President of the United States, doing anything and everything he can to seize that power. If you’re a fan of great art direction and lighting then this is the show for you.


8. Stranger Things - Seriously, you should try it. Stranger Things takes place during the 80’s, and is The Goonies mixed with Freaks and Geeks mixed John Carpenter and with The Clickers from The Last of Us. It’s essentially a 80’s nostalgia compilation. It starts kind of slow, but once it picks up then you’d better hold onto your hat. I, personally, don’t care for Winona Ryder’s character, but I think she plays the character perfectly. Once again the child acting is superb. For not having a lot of dialogue, Eleven’s character draws you in and makes you feel something.



9. White Rabbit Project - It’s basically Mythbusters, but without the moustache. Great show to fall asleep to.



10. Sense8 - The plot can get confusing, but it’s not overly complicated. 8 strangers are connected telepathically throughout the world, allowing them to intervene in each other's everyday lives. I like the diversity in this show because it’s not stereotypical. You have a transgender lesbian, a handsome homosexual telenovela star, a generic white dude (cop), a bad ass woman from Soule, a bus driver from Africa, a DJ from Iceland, German thief, and a conflicted Indian lady.





Written By Brandon Karlis