"WTF/Anticipation Proclamation 4 with Maddox!" - Episode 90


The Film Role guys are back from our extended break to talk about WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT!... and our picks for the 4th Anticipation Proclamation. We had the pleasure of being joined by the one, and only, Maddox! You might know him from The Best Page in the Universe, The Best Debate in the Universe and his brand new book, F*ck Whales! We also had the pleasure of having our gullets caressed by Peticolas Brewing Company!

We completely skipped news bits and Shower Thoughts and got straight to the reason of why we were gone for so long. So, enjoy!

Our SHITBAG OF THE WEEK is Aaron's pancreas!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.