"School Films" - Episode 71


The Film Role guys are back to talk about the GREATEST TIME OF YOUR MISERABLE LIVES... School, and films about it! With such classics as, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Not Another Teen Movie, Revenge of the Nerds, American History X, and many, many more. We had the pleasure of being joined by friend of the show, Durden Godfrey, and star of his newest film (I am Going to Kill Someone This Friday) Taurean Royal! The pair are also currently running a GoFundMe to help with the completion of the aforementioned film, so be sure to donate when you've got the chance! We also had the privilege of partnering with Peticolas Brewing Company, based right here in our hometown of Dallas! Our whistles would've dried out far too soon without them.

The news bits we covered on today's show were:

Teens treated for rabies after allegedly gang raping a donkey

Should've let them go untreated!

Creed 2: Dolph Lundgren Trains For Drago’s Return

Hopefully, before he jumps into this, he's finished filming Mac and Charlie's "Crime Stinks: The Smell of Penetration".

Richard Simmons says he is not transgender in new court filing

Oh... good? Glad to know he escaped the kidnapper, though!

The Shower Thoughts we enjoyed:

"Why is it an 'amazing phenomenon' when the sun blacks out on a Monday afternoon, but when I do it it's a 'problem'?" - u/forne104

Because you should be trying to cure cancer instead of blacking out every Monday, BRANDON.

"I wonder if the next generation is going to ask us if we dial 911 in case of an emergency because of 9/11" - u/YourMomsLova

Very, very good question. If we're still deploying troops in the Middle East, in a few years, we'll have deployed soldiers who weren't even alive on 9/11.

“I wondered all day yesterday if the Eclipse was merely just the death star moving into firing position.” - Brandon Karlis

Death Star 2020: A Better Tomorrow, Today!

Our SHITBAG OF THE WEEK is the eclipse, for it's path of totality NOT being where we live!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.