"Drinking Game: The Sandlot" - Episode 64


The Film Role guys are back with another world-famous drinking game! This time to the American classic, The Sandlot. We're joined again by our dear friend, Alex Soto, in place of our dearly departed (not dead... well, he might be) Brandon. Until next week, Brando! We also had the pleasure of partnering with Drink-O-Tron again for this week's episode! It's always a blast working with people who want to have as much fun drinking as we do. So, grab your bats, mitts and comically oversized billed caps and laugh along with us to this heartwarming mainstay we've all come to know and love!

The news bits we covered today:

We Do Not Have a Child Slave Colony on Mars: NASA

Alex Jones: the only thing you're good for is the laughs.

Florida man sits on gun, shoots self in penis, police say

This guy won't be dicking around anytime soon... You know you laughed.

Shower Thoughts for you shower tots!

"If plants made gargling noises when being watered, a rainy day would be the most uncomfortable and awkward thing ever." - u/CTN_23

Yeah... but think of how hilarious it'd be also. Right before we all blow our brains out!

"'Forgive me Father for I have sinned' and 'I'm sorry daddy; I've been very naughty' are simultaneously saying very similar and very different things." - u/TheFilipinoFire

Great job making us all want to bathe in bleach after this shower thought!

"In a post-apocalyptic situation, instead of looking for a survival shelter, I would just look for an Amazon warehouse." - u/koolconjr


And our inaugural SHITBAG OF THE WEEK is Mr. Chris Christie!

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