"WTF/Anticipation Proclamation 2/Brandon's Birthday" - Episode 66


The Film Role guys are back with another WTF episode, Anticipation Proclamation and film game in honor of Brandon's birthday! We also had the pleasure of having the final 1/3 of Pseudo Future, Jeff Lowe, on with us! You know the drill by this point: sit back, crack a few and laugh with us while we make fools of ourselves!

The news bits we covered today:

Man With ‘DEVAST8’ Face Tattoo Says He Can’t Find a Job

This guy wouldn't understand the hilarity of the situation if he had "Duh" tattooed across his face.

Horrified Surgeons Discover 27 Contact Lenses in Woman’s Eye

This is hands down one of the grossest stories we've ever covered. How could you not know these were in your eyes?!

Shower Thoughts time!

"If the movie Yes Man was realistic Jim Carrey would just end up downloading a bunch of malware" - u/Smashbros34

Especially if the movie was made at his current age!

"Fidget spinners have made me question whether I'm too old to understand a trend, or old enough to know it's stupid." - u/KnownGlitch

We debate this pretty heavily on the episode and ended off right where we started off: still unsure!

Our SHITBAGS OF THE WEEK were Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr.!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.