"Best Anti-Heroes" - Episode 65


The Film Role guys are back to discuss our favorite type of characters: Anti-Heroes! We delve into the minds of Oh Dae-Su (Oldboy), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) and many, many more. Also, Brandon's back! We missed his liquor and cigarette stench and are beyond excited to have it back and permeating in the tiny room we record in.

The news bits we covered:

Stranger Things season 2 gets official release date

We are beyond stoked for Stranger Things' return!

RED’s modular Hydrogen One phone looks even crazier in its patent application

RED isn't a company that's known for messing around. Could be the Tesla of smartphones!

The Shower Thoughts we enjoyed:

"The first guy to discover popcorn was probably like OH SHIT WHATS HAPPENING" - u/MarvinStolehouse

The best reply to this was "I'm just going to... Put this... In my mouth..." from u/eboody.

"In my mind, I'm the same person I was five years ago. Then I'll read five year old FB posts and think 'you idiot." - u/CatfishNev

We've all been there. Also, are you really THE Nev from Catfish?

"At what point does grave robbing become archeology?" - u/Salmonready

We've been going off the 100 year rule here at the Film Role headquarters! If it's been in the ground for at least a hundred years, you're good to go!

Our resident SHITBAG OF THE WEEK was CNN!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.