"WTF/Film Tagline Game" - Episode 60


The Film Role guys are back with another world-famous WTF episode! It being Aaron's birthday, he decided to have everyone play a film tagline game- and boy was it frustrating. We were also joined by a good friend of ours and fellow Pseudo Future bandmate, Patrick Hunter! So take a listen, play along and scream in frustration with us!

The news bits we covered on today's show:

Movie studios are blaming Rotten Tomatoes for killing movies no one wants to see

There's no one to blame but yourselves for making bad films. Live, learn and make better films!

One Love Manchester Benefit Raises $3 Million, Draws Massive Audience

Congrats on everyone who made this amazing show of love a possibility in the face of terror!

Sharknado 5 Title Announced, Global Swarming

The Sharknado series never ceases to amaze... By the way, the tagline is "Make America Bait Again". Amazing.

Time for some Shower Thoughts!

"Pulling out of Paris should be a porn, not a reality." - u/sleeptrouble

Yep. We're definitely living in an alternate universe where reality is crazier than fiction!

"In about 10 years, Fidget Spinners will be part of 'Only 2000s kids will remember' posts." - u/frgrber

Include male rompers in those posts, too. Hopefully they die a fiery death sooner rather than later.

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