"Sequels: To Suck, or Not to Suck" - Episode 63


The Film Role guys are back to talk about sequels and if they suck or not! Spoiler alert... most of the time, they do. We were joined again by our good friend, Alex Soto, and definitely missed our beloved Brandon Karlis (he was away assassinating someone for money, or something). We got the chance to delve into such classic sequels as Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, Terminator 2, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Blade II, The entire Transformers series and more! We also got the chance to share some great personal news: Aaron cutting the cable and saving a WHOPPING $200 a month, and Justyn's having a son (and also burnt his wife's foot at their gender reveal party).

The news bits we discussed on today's episode were:

SpaceX successfully completes two Falcon 9 landings in one weekend


Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck’, delays take-off for hours

The elderly are hilarious sometimes, aren't they? Not this time though. This time was straight up bullshit.

'Wonder Woman' actress Gal Gadot made just $300,000 for blockbuster

So, this headline is misleading as Gal actually made more on the back-end as well as her upfront $300k payday, a common practice within the industry. Even so, give that amazing woman a raise!

Time for some Shower Thoughts!

"All microwaves have a popcorn button, but all bags of popcorn say not to use it." - u/CommentToBeDeleted

Boy, this conversation really fired us up... like our bags of popcorn when we used the popcorn button. WHY IS IT EVEN THERE?!

"There is a continuous wave of morning wood boners that goes around the earth as it spins." - u/algang22

We actually discovered through arduous research that said boners keep the Earth spinning on its axis, which is necessary for human life as we know it. Men are useful, Anita Sarkeesian.

"K-Mart is like the world's longest going out of business sale." - u/thegm90

The validation is in the liquidation, my friend.

And a special thank you to our "sponsors" for this week, Gwyneth Paltrow and Christian Burns!

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