“Movies we Shouldn't Have Watched with our Parents” - Episode 61

The Film Role guys are back to talk about, quite possibly, the most awkward situations we've ever been in; watching movies we shouldn't have with our parents! We were joined by a good friend of ours, Alex Soto, and loved having him on for this very special topic! Things get real weird, first-time boners spring and we all collectively cringe more than a few times, so take a listen and laugh at us!

The news topics we covered on today's show:

‘The Babadook’ is Trending for the Most Unexpected Reason


We firmly stand behind this as the GREATEST thing to happen to meme culture. Everybody gets one!

A Third of All Humans Are Now Either Overweight or Obese

This is just plain sad. Make sure to take care of your bodies, people!

Box Office: 'The Mummy's' U.S. Demise Puts Universal's New Dark Universe on Notice

GOOD. We've said it before and we'll say it again- STOP MAKING SHITTY REMAKES/REBOOTS/SEQUELS. Who in the hell thought, "Man, you know what we really need? A Mummy reboot starring Tom Cruise."? Not an intelligent person.

On to Shower Thoughts!

"What if dreams are just glances at alternate timelines" - u/HipsterGengar

Does that mean if we have good dreams that we're peering back into our original timeline before we split off and ended up in this sideshow world? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

"First, you are tortured with flames and molten wax while those around you chant a ritualistic song. Then, you are dismembered and consumed piece by piece by your tormentors while they smile and laugh. Being a birthday cake must be terrifying." - u/CrankyOptimist

*peers over at half-eaten birthday cake* "...I'm so sorry"

"You never see someone using a bicycle in an apocalypse movie, but it seems like the most likely transportation if we lost all power and gas." - u/allentomes

This has bothered me for seven seasons of The Walking Dead and about 500 zombies movies that have been released in the past 15 years.

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