"Drinking Game: Space Jam" - Episode 56

The Film Role guys are back with another world-famous drinking episode! This time- it was to the tune of the 1996 classic, 'Space Jam'. No doubt we've all fallen in love with this tale of tales at one time or another in our relatively short lives. We also had the pleasure of partnering with Drink-O-Tron for the episode and even got the chance to implement their acclaimed drinking app during the game, which upped the stakes! We've also started another awesome giveaway for their newly released physical game, 'The Drinking Game of Kings'!

Some bits of news we covered today:

Marvel’s The Defenders trailer released!

Danny Rand- don't mess this one up, please!

M. Night Shyamalan's latest film "Split" has closed its box office run, earning $138M domestic and $275M worldwide on a budget of just $10M.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: M. Night- ride that uptick, baby.

Andy Weir's Follow Up to The Martian Is Coming inNovember.

Do we smell another crowd-sourced novel? Because that would be AWESOME.

Shower Thoughts time!

"Cleaning up while your kids are awake is like wiping your ass while there's still shit coming out." - u/manymensky

It took us a while to actually get this one out on the episode, but once we did, it was glorious. Hats off to ya, u/manymensky.

"Who am I kidding? If I had super powers, I'd probably squander them just like I did my real-life potential." - u/b4ux1t3

If your real-life potential ultimately culminated in your writing of this shower thought, then you've squandered nothing, my friend.

"Birth certificates are receipts for babies." - u/TheAmazingest

2meta4me, dude.

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