"I Know That Face..." - Episode 59


The Film Role guys are back to talk about those actors whose faces you know, but names you don't! We've all undoubtably seen these Hollywood mainstays many, many times over the course of our lives but have never seemed to catch their names. Weird, huh? We think so, too. We also realized that we knew far less than we thought... 

The news topics we covered on today's show:

Trump-branded toilet paper to be sold in Mexico, will aid deportees

Please, please, please let this happen soon. I'd use the shit out of it.

Netflix Cancels ‘The Get Down’ After First Season

It always sucks to hear that a beloved show has been taken off the air. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment, nonetheless!

Hollywood is running out of hit ’80s movies to reboot

GOOD. Get your creative shit in order, Hollywood! Pump some cash into smaller creatives with bold artistic vision or Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services will swallow you whole! Either way- it's a win-win for us.


"Children in the backseat cause accidents but accident in back seat cause kids." - u/TrueSilencer

Wal-Mart conception at its finest.

"Is hipster peer pressure 'come on man, no one else is doing it'?" - u/SnoopyTRB

I've found that bribing them with kale chips and fedora sales usually does the trick, too.

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