"A24 Films" - Episode 57

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The Film Role guys are back with a discussion on one of the most innovative production companies out there today; A24 Studios. A24 studio is known for such films as Moonlight, Ex Machina, Spring Breakers, Swiss Army Man, The VVitch and much, much more.

The news bits we covered on today's episode-

Thailand threatens to sue Facebook after videos emerge of king in crop top wandering in German shopping center

Thailand- you can't have those photos removed. Just ask Kanye!

On Mother's Day 2015, Pornhub searches for 'MILF' increased by 190% more than usual

There are some mildly sick Freudian-Oedipus fantasy type things going on here...

Report: New Pirates of the Caribbean Being Held for Ransom by Internet Pirates

Bob Iger himself has come forward to say the ransom isn't being paid. Good on you, Iger! Suck on that, Internet Pirates (pfft)!

Hollywood fearing worst box office summer in a decade

Hollywood- STOP MAKING REMAKES, REBOOTS, AND SEQUELS. Original content can go a hell of a long way, just ask A24!

And now... It's Shower Thoughts time.

"5 is like an honorary even number." - u/CaptainRelevant

... Yes. Yes, it is.

"25 years from now, you're going to have to go to a wedding for a couple of kids named Kylo and Khaleesi." - u/fuzzy_merkin

In 25 years it'll probably easier than ever to legally change your name, too!

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