"Independent Films" - Episode 54

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The Film Role guys are back with a special episode on indie films and why we just love them so damn much. We also had the chance to interview Mr. Durden Godfrey, director of the film 'Never Go Back', this week and plan on releasing it as a bonus episode this Friday, April 28th! So make sure you've subscribed to get it the moment it's released, because it's good. Be sure to leave a like for Mr. Godfrey's endeavor, 'Never Go Back' at Facebook.com/weshouldnevergoback, and catch the film on Roku's Peach Flicks! 

Some news bits we discussed on the episode:

Michigan makes it illegal for undercover police to have sex with prostitutes they are investigating: 

Apparently- this problem is so gigantic and systematic that it required a bill to resolve. Oh well. Keep it in your pants, boys in blue!


The Film Role guys have never shied away from their love of all things Star Wars. Or Indiana Jones. Or 70+ Harrison Ford, swinging around on vines and stopping aliens from doing stuff to Shia LaBeouf.

Nordstrom offering pre-dirtied jeans for $425:

Yep. You read the headline correctly. PRE-DIRTIED JEANS FOR $425. Sound stupid and misguided? That's because it is. And hey, even Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) decided to weigh in on this overpriced madness.


Alas, we've come to the section you've all been waiting for; Shower Thoughts. These are brought to you directly from Reddit's own geniuses on r/ShowerThoughts.

"I have a deep, unfound hatred for the search engine Bing despite having never used it." - u/porky1122

Don't we all?

"Before the Internet: most people lived in an information desert. After: people live in an information flood and the water's unsafe to drink." - u/InteractionArtist

Tell that to r/The_Donald and our grandmas!

"When I was a kid getting put to bed at 9:00 I couldn't wait until I was grown up and could stay up until whatever time I wanted. That time is, apparently, 9:00." - u/aflaw

Yes- we're all old and getting older. It gets harder and harder to stay up later and later... and stay hard? I guess we're not that old... yet.

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