"Drinking Game: The Santa Clause" - Episode 88


The Film Role guys are back with another world famous drinking game! This time, to the world infamous The Santa Clause, starring Tim the Tool Man Taylor and Poe Dameron. Big thanks to our friends over at Peticolas Brewing Company for helping us endure this terrible movie and offset it with amazing beer!

The rules we played with:

  1. “The Hat”
  2. Every time someone says “Santa Clause”
  3. Dickish remarks about Neil
  4. Every time someone says “Charlie”
  5. Every time someone says “Fall off the roof”
  6. Every time Charlie acts like a punk ass little bitch
  7. Every time someone says “Scott Calvin” 
  8. Scott adds another physical characteristic to look more like Santa 
  9. A kid in the real world has elf ears

Our SHITBAG OF THE WEEK is Ajit Pai and the FCC!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.