"Streaming Flicks" - Episode 84


The Film Role guys are back to discuss our favorite movies available on streaming services to tear you away from your families these upcoming holidays! Classic picks included iBoy, 13th, Jackie Brown and many, many more. We'd also like to thank our long running partner, and good friends, Peticolas Brewing Company, for providing us with tasty brews Ghost of Alfred Brown and Clandestine! Our weeks get a little bit better with you in our bellies.

The news bits we covered on today's show:

Starbucks accused of waging war on Christmas with 'gay agenda'

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 8.48.03 AM.png

Boys- Christmas came early this year.

The Shower Thoughts we enjoyed:

"Life is like a box of chocolates - it looks like you have all the choices at the beginning, but once everyone who is more important than you has had their turn, all that's left is the shit nobody wants" - u/TallDuckandHandsome

If only EA made chocolates...

"How did cats acquire such a fond taste for fish if they're afraid of the water" - u/ngamchi

Catz dont maek no senz.

"Pizza is a real-time chart of how much pizza is left." - u/FforFun

Pizza might not be the best indicator since it's usually completely gone by the time someone asks how much is left.

Also- the latest episode of Justyn and Alex's new podcast, IDIOTSYNCRATIC, is out now, and Aaron was on it! It's a great episode and the guys had a ton of fun. And- most importantly, Aaron finally got the chance to voice his conspiracies!

Our SHITBAGS OF THE WEEK are The FCC and Charles Manson!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.