"Soccer Films: Live at Peticolas!" - Episode 78


The Film Role guys are back and LIVE this time from Peticolas Brewing Company, to talk about our favorite soccer films! Naturally, there aren't that many, so we filled the time in with some great talk about the awesome brews we enjoyed. We were even joined by Dirty Mike himself! Sit back, have a brew and laugh with us.

The news bits we covered:

AOL Instant Messenger Is Signing Off for the Last Time

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.09.05 PM.png

*Cue Vitamin C's 'Graduation Song as we all weep in the corner of our mother's basements*

McDonald's bungled a rare condiment promotion, leaving screaming customers and $280 packets

Get over it, NERDS. And make sure to send us some if you actually get your hands on it.

‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Ordered Up For 2020


The Shower Thoughts we enjoyed:

"Conspiracy theories make dumb people feel smart." - u/NeverBob

Aaron fashioned us some quality tin foil hats for this one, today.

"Elon Musk is the closest thing we have to Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark" - u/thehoundsapprentice

He's also the closest thing we have to a fantasy in general.

"Send nudes, not nukes" is the 'make love, not war' of this century" - u/xmeehan

Speak softly and carry a big selfie stick...

Our SHITBAGS OF THE WEEK are McDonald's, Andy Signore, Vice President Mike Pence, The wasp that stung Justyn in the neck and Harvey Weinstein!

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Intro music: Quite Some Time by Pseudo Future.