"Brandon's Last Episode... in Texas" - Episode 23

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The Film Role is back and we are talking about what ever we feel like for Brandons last episode…in Texas before he moves to Los Angeles for good.  Along with Brandon Danny and Thomas also join me for this episode.

We talk about the tragic loss of a great actor “Gene Wilder”  the man who made us laugh and cry with those laugh. The man who took us to a place of Pure Imagination in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, and made us laugh at race lines in the film “Blazing Saddles” and made us laugh even more with another late actor “Richard Pryor” among other celebrities that died over the years.

We also talk about the hit Netfilx show “Stranger Things” and all our feelings and theories about season two and where it will go. We disused the sex talk that we all had to have one point in our life’s, Weather it be wanted or unwanted. And we looked at all the movies that will be coming out this mouth.       

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