"Dazed and Confused" - Episode 21

The Film Role is back and this time we are getting a little bit “Dazed and Confused”. Well we are watching the cult classic of the same name. This week Brandon and Thomas join me, and we watch the 1993 Richard Linklater Classic. We go in to the movie loving the nostalgia and checking out all the clothing in classic cars all over this film. We talk about how many of the things that happen in this film could never happen today, from the freshmen hazing to the open underage drinking.

All in all “Dazed and Confused” continues to be a great movie and never gets old after all when you brake it all down it’s a coming of age tale for the main character of Pink played by Jason London. So if you are a fan of this film or never seen it listen to this episode well you watch it.  And always don’t ever forget to keep “Livin The Dream LIVIN”

Actual movie commentary starts at 8 minutes, sorry we had a little fun before hand 

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