"Child Hood Movies" - Episode 18


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In this episode of The Film Role Podcast, Brandon and Zeke join me this week to talk about our favorite Child Hood Movies and Television shows. We discuss some films that maybe everyone has seen and others that some had never heard of, we also talk about the first movies that we remember seeing in a movie theater.

We talk about some of our favorite film some that would be consider “Deep Cuts” Zeke brings up one of his favorites “Sidekicks” that stars Chuck Norries as him self. I also talk about one of my all time Favorite child hood movie Rock-A-Doodle the story about a boy that turns in to a cat, a rooster that goes to hollwood to become a star but has to go back to save his farm from an evil owl. We also talk about our first R rated movie that we saw for Brandon that was “Training Day” the Denzel Washington smash hit about a cops first day on the job.


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